So pleased to be a guest on the Purple Hill Opry.  It should be a good time

So pleased to be a guest on the Purple Hill Opry. It should be a good time

Gospel Artist 2016 with Clays Country Radio

Gospel Artist 2016 with Clays Country Radio

Dwayne's Story

Dwayne Ferris is a singer/songwriter from Mill Cove, New Brunswick, Canada and a member of SOCAN and SAC.  He has been writing songs for a few years but in 2015 his music got a boost when he received an Akademia Music Award for best country ballad in May 2015 for Memories Of Dad. 'Ferris has a voice that could upstage Randy Travis and the songwriting skills to get where the other musician resides in music history.' - The Akademia

'Memories of Dad' is one of the most moving tributes to ancestry we've ever heard - a eulogy of great power and a classic piece of country music, too'. - Marquix Global Network

I remember growing up listening to my dad sing those old Wilf Carter songs and yodel so I guess that is where I got my love and respect for music.  Also I write some gospel music but actually up until 2015 didn't perform a lot of my original songs and did mainly fundraising benefits around my community.   My music is now playing in many countries and that was really my dream - to have my music heard.  When Nashville Songwriters Association International started evaluating my lyrics and giving me advice I decided to write more modern songs for the new country sound which were more upbeat.  One of my older songs Memories Of Dad has been in the European Top 100 Country singles in April and May 2016 and I am pleased that people are enjoying it. Songwriting is my passion and while most of my older music is to bring back old memories, give comfort and touch someone's heart, my new songs are fun, upbeat and for the celebration of new memories!

I was honoured to be inducted into the Minto Country Music Wall Of Fame for 2016.  I was very surprised that I received Gospel Artist of 2016 with Clay's Country Radio especially since there are so many talented artists with CCR.  'Jesus Is My Rock' was nominated for a GMA Canada Covenant Award for Country Gospel Song Of The Year 2017.  Wow, what an honour.  Please check out my music and feel free to share it and/or join the mailing list for new updates as they come available. Also check out my digital album that is available on CD Baby because I wrote some new songs to include country, bluegrass and gospel sounds for you.  My new song 'Down The Road' made finalist in the Independent Acoustic Music Awards and also nominated for a Josie Award for song of the year in the Folk/Bluegrass/Americana category 2017.  Thrilled to be on the Purple Hill Opry Show in July 2018 and it has been a busy year so far with getting my new album 'Sea Of Life' completed.